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Analysis of LiptoNNN: is G2 Esports in for a comeback?

"Back on track" for several months now, with a new and improved team, G2 has begun to find a real cohesion, and is showing signs of growing ambitions. LiptoNNN_ sifts through all of this, and gives his opinion on the potential of this line-up.

G2 Esports and France, a great love story! Since 2015, the Samurais have put their trust in a few different players to shine internationally, and to bring home title upon title. Despite some inconveniences, some empty periods, and some (very) numerous changes made regarding the players, G2 announced a few weeks ago the arrival of two newcomers: Lucas "Lucky" Chastang and Audric "JaCkz" Jug. With François "Amanek" Delaunay, Kenny "KennyS" Schrub and Richard "Shox" Papillon, they make up the new G2 Esports team. These two arrivals have brought with them nice breath of fresh air.

Power is power

LiptoNNN_, a pro player for Esport-Management.com and an old teammate of many francophone players, including Shox and KennyS, sees the recruitment of JaCkz and Lucky as a good move: "With this line-up the team is, in my opinion, at peak symbiosis. This is a group that gets along well, both out of and in-game, and each player is in a position that they are good at, and that they enjoy. This might seem trivial, but sometimes you have to make sacrifices, and content yourself with a role you don't like as well, if at all. Here, this allows them, in theory, to be in the best conditions possible during a game, which makes all the difference."

A Major in the upcoming months?

We all know that "stability" isn't exectly a term used when refering to french players and teams, not since the start of CS, but things seem to be different here. "There is a real human aspect that emerges from the group. It is carried by the players but also and especially by maLeK, the coach of the team. He has a very positive impact, which helps the team develop and improve. He is also the one who wanted to bring in younger players into this somewhat closed-off sphere that we've noticed lately. And it makes a difference."

Speaking of new blood, the three "newcomers" have, in LiptoNNN_'s opinion, great individual and collective qualities. "Amanek, from what I can tell, is the perfect fit for this team, because he's a really solid player who can impactfully cover the outskirts. JaCkz is very consistent, and a real strength to this team. Lucky, the second AWP, does well in CT, a side that G2 has sometimes had trouble managing the past few months."

We can't finish before talking about the true talent of the this team, KennyS, who faced some troubles and bearings last season. "You can tell that he's worked hard on himself, and he's gotten much better. I think he's climbing back up to the level he was at a few years ago, back when he terrified the global scene along with his AWP. And everyone knows, when Kenny is armed up and ready to go, it usually goes pretty badly for any team he goes up against."

And with these for, we obviously have Shox, the one who built this whole operation. "Because he's the player on the team with the most experience, it's his job to direct and orchestrate this whole little world, especially once they're in-game. With the ablilty to plat any role in any position, he is THE rock of the team, that everyone else can lean on. This is the real strength of these five players. Personally, I think this team has the potential to make it all the way to the final spot in the next Major. In any case, it's really the worse I can expect , because I really do believe in them!"

If you too wish to see the G2 in action, don't miss the next DreamHack Masters in Dallas from May 31st to June 2nd. The Samourais will be facing some of the world's best teams, so don't miss out on the action (of which we are the proud sponsors)!

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