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Come on and SLAM! Get ready for the NBA2K tournaments on Esport-Management!

Not too long ago, we announced our partnership with Magic Gaming, which would bring NBA2K tournaments to Esport-Management, and we are thrilled to say that the time is (nearly) NOW! The first tournament is set to take place on August 3rd at 2PM CEST with a prize pool of 500€ - here’s everything you need to know.

Tournament format

Here’s how the first tournaments will look like:


Best of 1

NBA teams (classic)

No national teams

No MyTeam

No 5v5 AM

Any fields


As always, we have a number of guides available written by our pros from AS Monaco. The guides are there to help you master the Pick & Roll, different team defense strategies, and dominate the game - but it will also require a lot of practice so better get on that as well!

Kick off your NBA2K career with us!

“The partnership between Magic Gaming and Esport-Management has immense potential for the NBA2K Community. Being able to bring Magic Gaming tournament to the Esport-Management platform provides an avenue for players to be consistently watched by scouts and coaches of the NBA2K League”, said Jonah Edwards, Magic Gaming Head Coach.

Competing and testing your skills against other is tons of fun but it can also be the beginning of your professional gaming career. Thanks to our partnership with Magic Gaming, the NBA2K tournaments will be a tool for coaches and recruiters to scout for new talent. So be sure to practice, grind those tournaments, and give your best performance because one day, it may be you being a star at a LAN event!

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