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G2 E-Sport: Are We Headed Towards A 5th European League of Legends Award?

Updated: May 9, 2019

The structure built by Carlos “Ocelot” Rodriguez seems to once more be the

favored contender for the race to the title...

After having started the season in the best of ways by recruiting Rasmus “Caps” Winter, the old Fnatic team member who had disputed the Worlds Finale, as well as having won nine consecutive rank victories since the opening, G2 has once again distinguished themselves as a favorite contender for the title. Without losing sight of first place for even a second, Perkz’s teammates – who have since moved on to the position of AD Carry – only had to inflict a severe 3-0 on Origen in order to again reach the LEC finale, a mere step away from a 5th championship title.

Who will be their opponent in the finale?

The battle for the crown will be held this Sunday, in the Rotterdam Arena. But who will be the rival player? Origen, who was already so easily eliminated? No, it’s much more likely that it will be Fnatic, who have become a much more formidable opponent. After an extremely complicated start to the season, the Orange and Black team are once again back at the top of the game, especially now that their new midlaner, Nemesis, has found their bearings. And if the runner-up champions play against Origen this Saturday, they will be reunited with their rival G2 for the finale. A face-off from out of this dimension, the culmination of several weeks of competitions that will undoubtedly have an epic end, whatever the outcome.

A legendary rivalry

Despite their historic rivalry (their confrontations are common knowledge), G2 and Fnatic have only really competed against each other once during a championship finale. It was back in the spring of 2018. The wind blew in Fnatic’s favor that time: they won 3-0. Proof of their dominance over the European League of Legends.

There aren’t many teams that have won titles in LEC (used to be LCS EU). There have really only been three. Out of the twelve splits played in Europe since 2013, the two stars share eleven titles between them: Fnatic has won seven, and G2 four. You would have to go all the way back to 2014, and the glorious alliance between Froggen, Shook, Wickd, Nyph and Tabzz, if you wanted to find another team that has stood out in Europe. It’s an unprecedented situation in League of Legends history, and it probably won’t be this Spring Split 2019 that will break the streak set by these two Goliaths. Has the time for revenge come for G2 Esports? We’ll only know if they play against Fnatic in this finale!

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