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IRL Rocket League Event with Esport-Management and AS Monaco!

Is this something you’ve always dreamed of doing? Well, Esport-Management and AS Monaco did it!

Developed by Psyonix Studios, and released in July 2015, Rocket League’s reputation speaks for itself! Based on the principals of soccer, the game lets you use a nitro-super-powered car, capable of doing all sorts of acrobatics, to push the ball into the net and clear out your opponent’s skylights, all while hovering. Now iconic, it has known a certain level of success in the world of e-sport due to its numerous competitions and its official league, the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS for short).

To celebrate the game’s arrival on the Esport-Management.com platform, AS Monaco and Esport-Management went to Beaulieu-sur-Mer, in the south of France, to hold a Rocket League game IRL (“In Real Life”) in the warm Mediterranean sand! An amazing video that you can check out below shows how AS Monaco and Esport-Management went about bringing on of the past year’s most popular games to life!

The final score of this breath-taking game was 6-3, in the red team’s favor due to their excellent command of the ball! To celebrate, the players even did a few acrobatics and skids! We’ll leave you to take it all in at the end of the video.

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