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Learn more about the Nicecactus Grassroots Esport Fund!

After two years of operating under Esport-Management, we have rebranded to nicecactus.gg and launched our own esport fund for amateur and semi-pro!

Although our name and brand identity are changing, we are still fully committed to supporting the grassroots and amateur esports scene. We have worked relentlessly on developing and improving our platform and this rebranding is a vital step in our overall growth.

In addition to the rebranding, we are announcing our new product; the Nicecactus Grassroots Esports Fund which is a 1 million euros (USD 1.1 million) grant program designed to help amateur and semi-pro players and teams take the next step into professional gaming by providing financial sponsorship to attend tournaments and bootcamps.

Learn more about this fund and how to apply in the video below :

Do you still have questions? Get through the whole process with our special doc just below. You can also send us a DM on our social media : Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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