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What does the Fox say? Esport-Management welcomes its first SSBU player!

We are thrilled to announce the recent recruitment of France’s best Fox player on SSBU- Yass!

Well known in Europe, Yass is a fierce competitor and a true Super Smash Bros. Ultimate champion. Notorious for his fluffy but deadly Fox, he has achieved great competitive success in top SSBU tournaments and will continue to fight for victory on the Esport-Management team.

As a long-time player with a successful track record, we are proud to have Yass represent Esport-Management in upcoming tournaments.

Don’t forget to follow him on Twitter, cheer him on as he plays and give him a warm welcome to the Esport-Management family!

We can’t wait to watch Yass dominate! Remember to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to not miss any updates.

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